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Minimalist Villa with Pool and Sea View in Hyères by Daimon Design

Discover our minimalist stone villa in Hyères, designed by Daimon Design. This luxury villa, set in a protected natural park, offers over 1200 square meters of living space with direct sea access and stunning Mediterranean views. The villa features a harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural stone, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere. Key elements include a luxurious pool, energy-efficient construction with Poroton brick walls and triple-glazed windows, and bioclimatic design that maximizes comfort throughout the year. Ideal for those seeking a tranquil and sophisticated retreat.

Nestled in a protected natural park in Hyères, this minimalist stone villa, designed by Daimon Design, blends seamlessly into the untouched Mediterranean landscape. Daimon Design is an Italian studio of architects and engineers, known for its work in the Alpes-Maritimes, Var, and throughout Italy. They specialize in bioclimatic and premium architecture, always aiming to enhance the natural and cultural contexts of their projects.

This villa represents a comprehensive renovation and extension of an existing stone structure, resulting in a residence that combines modern elegance with natural beauty. With over 1200 square meters of living space, the design emphasizes light, creating shaded areas and sunlit zones to maximize comfort throughout the seasons. The villa’s architecture, inspired by the styles of Mediterranean and Californian villas, incorporates flat roofs and minimalist elements, ensuring it integrates smoothly with its surroundings.

The villa offers direct access to the sea, complemented by luxurious pools that enhance the relaxing ambiance. The use of white lime and local limestone provides a harmonious color palette that matches the natural environment. Despite its open and transparent design, the villa achieves excellent energy efficiency, using 40 cm thick Poroton brick walls, additional thermal insulation, and triple-glazed windows. This thoughtful construction makes it a candidate for CasaClima certification.

Water is a central element, with both the sea and the pools contributing to the inviting atmosphere. The villa’s exterior areas are designed to be protected from the prevailing winds, capturing the warmth of the sun while providing a comfortable, bioclimatic environment. This project showcases the ability to create luxurious, environmentally conscious spaces that respect and enhance their natural surroundings.

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